Tec de Monterrey inaugurates Cybersecurity Hub facilities

It is part of the School of Engineering and Sciences, it is located on 278 square meters and has ultimate equipment.
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This center is the first ecosystem of its kind in Mexico and Latin America. (Photo: iStock)

Tecnológico de Monterrey has inaugurated the physical facilities of the Cybersecurity Hub on the fifth floor of the Femsa building at Santa Fe Campus. This space will position Mexico and Latin America as pioneers in areas related to information security.

The Hub forms part of the School of Engineering and Sciences. It has an area of 278 m² and state-of-the-art equipment that will allow users of the facilities to find solutions to the important challenges that companies face.

Tec Cybersecurity Hub

Tec de Monterrey has put strategic partnerships in place to achieve the Hub’s objectives and has joined forces with national and international companies, including Deloitte México, Microsoft, Cisco, NiC México, and IBM.

The Cybersecurity Hub, which will be run by Gonzalo García-Belenguer, is a space designed to promote the development of the first ecosystem of its kind in Mexico and Latin America.

During the inauguration, Juan Pablo Murra, Rector of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at Tec de Monterrey, said that “we will be able to generate more experience and projects with real-world applications to provide solutions to current and future needs through technology.”

He explained that the involvement of strategic partners will have a positive and valuable impact on professional training. The connection between industry and academia will also generate synergy, making this new space an important platform for the region.

Manuel Zertuche, National Dean of the EIC, stressed that the objective of the new space is to provide support for organizations or companies that need to protect strategic information.

He also said that over the last three years, the institution has generated publicity and awareness programs about the permanent need to have tools, trained personnel, and services related to cybersecurity.

“At Tec de Monterrey, we’re committed to developing human capital and resources in this area, which is now increasingly in demand. We’ve been making an effort for some time to attract the best talent in this field,” he said.

Tec de Monterrey’s goal

Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Cybersecurity Hub supports the 2030 strategic vision to foster human development through leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

It also adds to the Tec21 educational model, which trains leaders with the values and skills necessary to solve problems and look for 21st century opportunities.

Present during the inauguration were industry leaders Santiago Gutiérrez, Lead Associate of Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte Mexico & Central America; Victoria Beckman, Microsoft Digital Leader; and David Taboada Garza, President of the Information Security and Cybersecurity Council, A.C.

Other leaders present for the event, at which Tec de Monterrey announced its intention to consolidate an ecosystem that will put the institution and the country at the forefront of cybersecurity, were Yair Lelis, Cybersecurity Regional Sales Leader at Cisco, and Ernesto Torres Cantú, CEO of Citi Latin America.

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