World Universities Network exploring solutions to climate change

The 2023 WUN forum will be held at Tec de Monterrey; it's called to analyze the role of universities in facing the environmental crisis.
Photo of the Monterrey campus of the Tecnológico de Monterrey
The initiative supports collaborative research in climate change, public health, research and understanding cultures. (Photo: Alejandro Salazar / TecScience)

The World Universities Network (WUN), which brings together 24 world-leading research and higher education universities from five continents —including Tec de Monterrey— will meet from May 22 to 24, at the Monterrey Campus in Nuevo León.

This year, the Tec will host the meeting that is planned to open the analysis on the role of educational institutions in the face of the global environmental crisis and what solutions they can provide in this regard.

The WUN Annual General Meeting 2023, which will be opened by Peter Lennie, Executive Director of WUN, and David Garza Salazar, Rector and Executive President of Tecnológico de Monterrey, is part of a WUN initiative that brings together major universities from diverse geographic and cultural contexts to form an association that uses its talent and resources to solve highly important research problems.

Through its Research Development Fund, WUN supports collaborative research that focuses on major global challenges, such as climate change, public health, worldwide research and higher education, and cultural understanding.

WUN Universities network forum

Also held as part of the meeting will be the WUN Presidents Forum 2023, entitled Universities’ Contributions to Environmental Sustainability, which will focus on the role of universities in leading the way for environmental sustainability.

The Forum will examine three key themes: leadership in research, leadership in education and curriculum, and leadership in policy and practice.

A student mental health working group will also be included, as will other sessions to discuss innovating the mathematics curriculum in times of change and the low carbon energy transition.

On behalf of the Tec, researcher Jesús Valdez Reséndiz will present the development of a low-cost, high-efficiency battery charger for electric vehicles in emerging markets.

Participating institutions will include the University of Rochester, the University of Cape Town, National Cheng Kung University, Makerere University, the University of Bristol, the University of Alberta, and the University of York.

The WUN Annual General Meeting 2023 program can be consulted on the WUN website. Direct transportation to Tecnológico de Monterrey facilities will be available from the conference hotel, and useful information about accommodation and tourist attractions will also be provided.

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