Pfizer’s Vaccine Arrives in Mexico: How Effective is it Against New Covid-19 Strains?

Cofepris approved the bivalent vaccine that will be available in Mexico and is already being applied in the United States.
image of vaccines arriving in Mexico
Image of vaccines arriving at the airport (Photo: Courtesy of Pfizer)

On December 15, Pfizer announced the arrival of the first shipment of its updated Covid-19 vaccine, tailored to combat new variants, to Mexico.

“It’s the adapted version targeting multiple sublineages of Omicron XBB, addressing virus strains circulating worldwide, including Mexico,” the company stated.

The vaccine is considered “bivalent” as it shields the body against two types of antigens: the original strain and the Omicron variant.

Why Do We Need this Type of Bivalent Vaccine?

According to a paper published in Nature, this bivalent mRNA technology vaccine “provides additional protection against hospitalization due to COVID-19.”

The study assessed effectiveness in preventing severe SARS-CoV-2 infections (primary outcome), infections requiring medical attention, and hospital deaths (secondary outcomes).

They compared individuals receiving this new vaccine with those who received at least two doses of the monovalent mRNA vaccine. The new formula proved effective in 70.3% of cases. This effectiveness remained consistent across different groups, regardless of the time elapsed since the last dose or the total number of doses received. Protection remained robust for at least three months after the last dose.

Where Will It Be Available?

The company revealed it would be accessible in clinics, pharmacy chains, and vaccination centers.

“Our marketing plan will be tailored and accessible; we aim for people in Mexico to have access to our vaccine, considering the reality of the Mexican market,” noted Pfizer.

The price is yet to be disclosed.

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