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Guillermo Torre Amione, TecSalud Dean and Vice President for Research, reflects on the watershed moment that research has taken at Tec de Monterrey. For him, science is the key to facing humanity's great challenges.
Guillermo Torre portrait illustrated
"Research is the only avenue for generating real impact instead of merely dreaming of a better future" –Guillermo Torre (Illustration: Tavo Montañez)

Our race to be the best is never over. Along the way, we should celebrate our achievements that show the goals we’ve met, but if we truly aspire to greatness, we can always raise the bar. 

It’s not simply enough to get by or even to be the best. What’s important is that we keep challenging ourselves. This philosophy, which I fully subscribe to, is what Tec de Monterrey is all about. 

Our institution hasn’t settled for only being very good at conveying knowledge. Several decades ago, the Tec launched a strategy to improve the educational process through a research platform. Science is not only fundamental to generating knowledge and developing critical and innovative thinking, but also to contributing to the development of Mexico. Research is the only avenue for generating real impact instead of merely dreaming of a better future.

Tec de Monterrey is undergoing momentous change. We’ve decided to transform ourselves, focus our efforts, and work in a multidisciplinary way to really contribute to tackling the big challenges that our country and humanity itself are facing. To do so, we’ve focused on conducting cutting-edge research to demonstrate that Mexico is also capable of taking part in innovative solutions at an international level. 

Last year, we inaugurated two interdisciplinary centers: The Institute for Obesity Research and The Institute of Advanced Materials, which complement the system that we had already begun to outline by creating The Institute for the Future of Education, the Femsa Biotechnology Center, and many other high-level areas where our seasoned researchers work. We’ve created this ecosystem to execute our mission in critical fields.

Due to this watershed moment for the Tec and our desire to contribute to a better future, we want to build bridges not only with society and industry but also with decision makers. This is where TecScience comes in: a publishing platform that we’ve developed internally to inform people, in a rigorous and innovative way, about the research projects being conducted at our university. 

This media outlet will also aim to inform a broader audience about scientific affairs by providing information that is clear, easy to understand, and uses a visual design that is attractive and even educational. Here, TecScience readers can learn about high-impact projects that seek to improve people’s lives, hear inspiring stories about men and women who are passionate about doing science, and find answers to many of their everyday questions about the challenges humanity faces. 

Welcome to TecScience.

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