96% of Mexican patents were registered by foreigners

Tec de Monterrey and the Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property have signed an agreement to promote the culture of patenting in Mexico.
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The registration of patents and trademarks across the country is very low. Only 4% of patents are registered by Mexicans, with the remaining 96% being requested by foreigners.

For this reason, Tec de Monterrey and the Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AMPPI) have signed an agreement to encourage a culture of patenting, research, and entrepreneurship within the university community.

“There is an interest in preserving Mexicans’ intellectual property. Even during the pandemic, the registration of trademarks and patents has risen by 20%,” said José Juan Méndez Cortés, AMPPI president, during the Tec’s 52nd Research and Development Conference.

Invention: part of economic development

Entrepreneurship based on science and technology plays a fundamental role in a nation’s economy. One of the indicators of economic development is the registration of patents and trademarks because it translates into new technology.

“By signing this agreement, we will try to influence our university community to be part of that change. That way, we can move as a country from a manufacturing economy to a knowledge economy” said Arturo Santos García, from Tec de Monterrey’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Many improvements can be made within academia to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and intellectual protection in active professionals and students at the Tec because patenting by Mexicans is relatively low.

José Juan Méndez Cortés, president of AMPPI, stressed that “technology is the most important driver of the country’s development, and the signing of the USMCA agreement has meant that, contrary to what many people might think, the registration of trademarks and patents has risen by 20%.

Mexican researchers and inventors have not stopped working, despite the Mexican economy not being at its best because of the pandemic, and the figure reflects this.

He added that AMPPI is Mexico’s most important association for protecting intellectual property. It’s been around for over 52 years, representing the country at the World Intellectual Property Organization based in Europe.

Activities mentioned in the agreement

The signing of the agreement between both institutions will generate the conditions necessary to make an impact on culture and entrepreneurship in Mexico, allowing the following activities to be carried out:

1. Holding academic events for intellectual property training and refresher courses.

2. Carrying out roundtables, seminars, and conferences between both institutions.

3. Advising on research and thesis writing.

4. Producing portfolios or reports showing how the agreement is being put into effect.

5. Training and seminars on technological development and intellectual property research.

6. Opportunities for Tec de Monterrey students to complete their internships and community service at AMPPI.

7. The AMPPI community will receive discounts on Tec’s graduate programs.

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