The Fight Against Obesity is a Battle that Can’t Be Waged Alone

The Institute for Obesity Research is dedicated to improving foods, medications, and public policies that address obesity.
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Marco Rito, director of the IOR and Juan Pablo Murra (on screen), rector of professional and postgraduate studies. (Photo: Abigail Guzmán / Tec Research)

At the International Obesity Research Conference at Tec de Monterrey, Marco Rito, the director of IOR, emphasized their collaborative approach to tackling obesity, not just in Mexico but throughout Latin America.

“It demands the involvement of all stakeholders. We don’t aim to tackle this alone. We must critically address this serious issue, which we’re already navigating,” Rito stated.

He further articulated that their primary goal is to craft the most effective strategy for preventing metabolic shifts and advancing the public agenda.

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A Difficult Situation

Juan Pablo Murra, Tec de Monterrey’s dean of professional and graduate studies, highlighted the IOR’s mission to curb the country’s obesity rates during the inauguration.

“In Mexico, nearly 37% of the adult population grapples with obesity, while in children, the figure stands at 30%. And these numbers are expected to persist in the years ahead. Lowering these rates is a systemic and intricate challenge, necessitating new approaches to food consumption and processing alongside policy changes,” Murra emphasized.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), overweight and obesity-related diseases are projected to account for 8.9% of total healthcare spending by 2050 and decrease GDP by approximately 5.3% due to diminished productivity.

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Mariana León