Science to Inspire: Tec Science Summit 2024

This year, there will also be discussions on how Artificial Intelligence impacts science.
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This year, the discussion will also touch on how Artificial Intelligence impacts science. Image of a person in front of the universe On February 28th, the Tec Science Summit 2024 will take place, a day to share and talk about science. (Illustration: Getty Images)

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been at the forefront of major scientific and social developments while also sparking significant ethical debates, from its use in generating new antibiotics to the challenge of implementing Chat GPT in schools.

With this premise, the Tec Science Summit 2024 conference series will take place on February 28th and will be dedicated to how AI has been utilized in science.

“The aim is not to discuss AI in a technical manner but rather, across different fields, to highlight how it’s revolutionizing significant scientific changes. It’s about covering an agenda approached from various perspectives,” explains Melissa Hinojosa, Marketing and Communications Manager at TecSalud and Tec Research.

Tec Science Summit 2024: Inspiring the Community

For the past fifty years, this event, formerly known as the Congress of Research and Development (CID, in Spanish), has sought to bring together various disciplines in a conference series to encourage students to pursue science.

“The essence remains the same; it’s a multidisciplinary event, and the themes, beyond sharing knowledge, are focused on inspiring the community. How to bring together the scientific community from Tec and beyond to inspire them,” says Hinojosa.

Tec Science Summit is dedicated to conferences such as the one to be delivered by Luis Pineda Cortés, from the Institute of Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems at the National Autonomous University of Mexico on the promises of AI.

Another conference will be led by Karen Herrera-Ferrá, who studies mental health and aspects of neuroethics. The specialist will address the topic of AI from the perspective of human rights and its implications for the world.

As part of that inspirational role, Alejandro Madrigal, one of the leading global researchers in immunotherapy and stem cell transplantation, will share his experience in medical research, focusing on his life story related to science.

“The second day is what we call Tec Research Day, which is more of a working day, where each school gathers and holds its parallel sessions to discuss the themes of their specific areas. The idea is to bring them together to interact, fostering collaboration spaces,” she says.

Rómulo Garza Award Another activity of the Tec Science Summit is the presentation of the Rómulo Garza Research and Innovation Award, which has been around for forty years.

“The award aims to recognize the most relevant and impactful work within our Tec community. It’s a recognition of our professors and students. The idea is to highlight these researchers for their impact,” says Neil Hernández, Director of Research at Tec.

Hernández explains that there are four categories: Insignia, which honors the researcher for the impact of their career; “it’s called that because they become a role model that inspires professors,” he says.

Another category is Technological Entrepreneurship, which rewards research projects done at Tec and the Recognition for Scientific Articles and Student Projects from the three academic levels.

Last year, the Insignia award recognized the work of Alex Elías, leader of the Accelerated Materials Development unit at the Institute of Advanced Materials for Sustainable Manufacturing at Tec de Monterrey.

Tec Science Summit is a hybrid event, and you can register on the Tec Science Summit website.

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