Tec de Monterrey signs an agreement to promote research

The alliance seeks to promote collaboration in the ​​research area in the pharmaceutical, materials, nano, and biotech industries.
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The agreement was reached during the Tec Science Summit event, the Tec de Monterrey congress that brings together the research community. (Photo: Asael Villanueva/TecScience)

The Tec de Monterrey, the INCIDE Foundation (Innovation and Science for Business Development), and the Technological Research and Innovation Park (PIIT) signed a collaboration agreement to promote scientific research.

The agreement was signed during the Tec Science Summit, which brings together the Tec de Monterrey research community.

This agreement is similar to the one already established by Tec de Monterrey with the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, and the Mexican Foundation for Health FUNSALUD.

This alliance seeks to increase the effectiveness and possibility of success of technology-based proposals generated in areas such as the pharma industry or biotech and nanotech, among others.

“It is impossible for a single institution to cover everything required to scale the technology and reach the market; these alliances bond equipment, expertise, and infrastructure from various sides to move faster,” said Arturo Santos, director of Technology Transfer at Tec, in an interview.

The agreement between INCIDE and Tec de Monterrey

This agreement intends to generate scientific calls, promote research projects of the institutions involved, and offer a way for technology transfer and the creation of science-based companies.

The collaboration between these institutions also seeks the addition of other industry allies.

In this sense, INCIDE becomes relevant, as it is a non-profit foundation of Mexican pharmaceutical companies.

Labs, knowledge, and human capital are strengths of this alliance, added to the more than 700 researchers from the Tec de Monterrey and the Bio and Nano labs of PIIT, from the government of Nuevo León, México.

The signing was in charge of Arturo Santos García, as well as Guy Jean Savoir García, president of INCIDE, and José Alfredo Pérez Bernal, general director of the Nuevo León Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer.

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